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Medi-Scribe, Inc.
Medi-Scribe, Inc. has subscribed to the Medi-Host web site for about 3-1/2 years. We have been very pleased...
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Accu-Write, Inc.
We at Accu-Write, Inc., are ecstatic with the service we receive from Medi-Host....
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Secure File Transfer Package

Our file transfer package includes the following:
  • Access to your own file transfer system located at: https://www.medi-host.com/yourbusiness
  • Administrative access to create/delete users and clients as needed
  • 100 megabytes of storage for audio, documents or any other business file type
  • Completely secure file exchange with no required software beyond a standard web browser
Medi-Host is not currently accepting new subscriptions

Custom Site Development

 We offer a range of services in web development. We can design anything from a simple online brochure site to a fully customized file transfer system tailored to your business.
  Using the latest technologies you can be sure to receive the most advanced as well as simple web solutions when we create a custom site for you. Technology ranging from PDA dictation file transfer to audio compression, we can do it. E-mail us for a free estimate today!

 For more details, please view our Demonstration. For further questions, please e-mail contact@medi-host.com.
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